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Meg March

Meg March is the eldest of the four March sisters from the book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott which takes place during the American Civil War.

Designed to look very much like a blue dress that Meg wears in the 1992 movie version of Little Women, this dress is made with historically accurate details including a faux-three-piece back and dropped shoulder seams.

It features blue and white embroidery on the shaped sleeve caps and down the bodice.  The non-functional buttons are plastic “shell”, and the bodice opens down the front with hooks and eyes.  Coat sleeves with large elbows were quite fashionable at the time, and very comfortable to wear.  Removable white cuffs keep the dress clean.  The very full skirt is pleated into a fitted waistband and is hemmed by hand.

*Historical note*  the buttons are plastic, which is a rather obvious inaccuracy (but I will say they are nice quality imitations).


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