Heavenly Princess

encouraging femininity

Nissa Dress Instructions

Check to make sure that you have all the pieces:

  • Bodice and bodice lining
  • Back (with circle and buttonhole markings)
  • 1/4″ elastic (2)
  • Straps and strap linings (4 total)
  • Skirt gores (8 total)
  • Skirt band or lace/eyelet trim (strips may be safety-pinned together)

Sew straps to bodice front shoulders matching notches

Press seams open

Repeat with lining pieces

Stack lining and bodice and sew edges together along armhole, strap edges, and neckline (refer to picture above)

Notch curves and  trim seam allowance on points of straps (refer to picture above)

Turn right side out and press

Fold back piece in half lengthwise right side out and press to crease

Unfold back piece

Attach elastic:

Pin cut edge of elastic to large circle

Being careful not to twist the elastic, pin the other cut edge to the opposite large circle

Repeat with other piece of elastic and small circles

Baste in place

Open front without turning right side out

Match crease in back piece to underarm seam in front piece

Sew side seam

Repeat for other side being careful not to twist the back piece

Press side seams toward bodice front

Close bodice again, hiding wrong side inside and press

This is how things should look now

to make casings for the elastic:

Topstitch 1/2″ away from crease (upper edge) of back piece

Be careful not to catch the elastic in the stitching

Topstitch 5/8″ away from first top stitching to make upper edge of second casing (lower elastic should still be hanging free, like it is in the picture above)

Sew two skirt gores together along one long edge

Repeat with three more pairs

Sew two pairs together along one long edge

Repeat with other pairs

Sew these sets together along one long edge

Press all seams to one side

If band needs to be pieced:
Sew short edges of skirt band pieces together to form one long strip
Press seam open

Fold strip in half lengthwise, right side out, and press

Sew band/trim to lower edge of skirt, matching raw edges

Trim any excess even with skirt if band is too long

Press seam toward skirt (away from skirt band/trim)

Topstitch 1/8″ away from band on right side, catching seam allowance underneath

Sew remaining long edge, including skirt band in seam

Sew skirt to bodice, matching skirt seams to center front and center back

This seam finishes the lower elastic casing, so be sure not to catch the elastic while stitching it!

Make buttonholes as marked between the elastic casings

To wear, thread straps through buttonholes, adjust to fit, and tie


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