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Hello, my name is Jordan Elizabeth. I am anything but average, I strive even to be peculiar. I am a heavenly princess, a child of the King of Kings. My life centers around this “one thing” that I do.

I have been sewing since the age of 6, selling what I make since I was 12, and creating original designs from age 15. As an adult I have reached a level of professionalism and quality that enables me to really market my work. I strive for the highest quality work, but at the same time desire to be affordable to one-income families, so I don’t always include all the special techniques and finishes I would like. Since I’m working for the Lord and not for men, I price my items fairly, charging per hour and working quickly and effectively to get the work finished in a timely manner. To hear what others think about my work, head over to the customers’ comments section.


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