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Are you talking?

Everyone’s got an opinion on the debate.

I’m reading a lot of would’ve could’ve should’ve.
Ken Ham should’ve
Bill Nye could’ve
And what would’ve happened if they did

But I have a question for everyone who’s sitting back and critiquing these two men:

Are you talking?

Do you take opportunities to bring up issues that are close to the heart of God?
Or are you afraid?
Because, after all, if Ken Ham stood up and said something and is being ridiculed for not saying it well enough, who are you to think you could stand up and say something well enough?

I’m afraid this firestorm of comments is hurting people. Not just Ken Ham, but anyone who considered confronting their science teacher. Or anyone who considered  writing a blog article mentioning the Creator. Or anyone who considered commenting on that Facebook status that contradicted the Genesis account of creation.

Because it’s hard to speak up.

But it’s worth it.

Even if you don’t say it perfectly, at least it was said.
Even if your argument wasn’t perfectly thought out, at least it will make someone think.
Even if your case was flawed, at least a case was made.

Because we aren’t commanded by Christ to say it, think it, or defend it perfectly.

But we are commanded to preach a perfect Christ, allowing Him to work in us and confirm His message.

So what about you?
Are you letting the pressure shut you down?
Or are you talking?


One comment on “Are you talking?

  1. maestracn
    February 6, 2014

    Dear Jordan,

    This was an excellent commentary. Thank you for posting it on your blog.

    Love you,


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