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I never pictured it this way

{the pictures in this post were taken this month during my 18 days away from home}

I never pictured myself as a traveler…

Jan14trip6How many times have I said that this month?
How many times have I made that basic statement:
that I never pictured myself living this life God has me living?

Jan14trip1Why not?
Why not dream the big dreams God has for me?
Why not claim more territory for His glory and the blessing of others?

Jan14trip3Because I don’t know.
I don’t know what are God’s dreams for me and what are my own imaginations.
I don’t know how to have faith to step into the great unknown territory He’s opening up.

Jan14trip5It’s a hard line to walk.
On the one side are the desires God gives me.
On the other, the desires He asks me to give up to Him.

Jan14trip2But there’s more than that.
What about the things God has for me that I’m not sure I want?
What about the things I’m sure I need that He doesn’t seem to be giving me?

4 years ago I sang this song with my mom.
Even then I could look back and marvel at where God had brought me.
But I couldn’t have imagined where He would bring me in just 4 more years.

Jan14trip-abby&meI never pictured myself here.
So why do I try to imagine my future?
God has something bigger planned. Something I can’t picture.

And that’s a glorious thought.

4 comments on “I never pictured it this way

  1. maestracn
    January 30, 2014

    I loved this entry in your blog. You really have a way with words and sharing your innermost thoughts. Dont ever stop.

    With much love,


  2. Mema
    January 30, 2014

    God is doing amazing things in and thru you. He’s stretching you!…..all the way to SC! I never thought you would travel as much as you have either but look at you go, girl! You go, girl! Or stay home. That would be nice for your family here😀👵

  3. Laura Westbrooks
    January 30, 2014

    Thanks for sharing your heart Jordan. This was so encouraging and uplifting.

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