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Isn’t she precious?

photo courtesy of Moriah

photo courtesy of Moriah

Babies are so precious, aren’t they?

Aren’t they?

I mean, everyone says so…


1. Of great price; costly; as a precious stone.
2. Of great value or worth; very valuable.
3. Highly valued; much esteemed.

Webster’s 1828 dictionary

Of what value are babies? Are they valuable to society because they are great contributors to it? Are they valuable to their parents because they are so useful? Are they valuable to anyone because of their monetary worth?

No? Then of what value are babies? Why do we call them precious?

I think a clue is in the third definition: “Highly valued; much esteemed.” a modern definition puts it this way: “Greatly loved or treasured by someone.”

Therefore, simply put, something is precious if someone considers it so.

A mother loves and treasures her child, so her child is precious.

But what if a mother does not love and treasure her child? Is he still precious?

The very idea seems unnatural, yet precious children all over the world and in our neighborhoods are unwanted by their mothers.

But the precious children are still precious children.
Because something is precious if Someone considers it so.

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,
the fruit of the womb a reward. ~ Psalm 127:3 ESV

Do you consider precious what He considers precious?


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