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Relate 2014

I have been taught well not to put too much weight in any one teacher. So when I say I am very excited to have the opportunity to hear CJ Mahaney live, I am not saying it because he is a particularly great man, but because he knows a great God and preaches his message.

Mahaney’s teaching has been instrumental at three pivotal points of my life. The first was January 2010 when I read Humility, True Greatness. The other two instances centered around the Resolved conferences.

Summer 2010 a group from the college/career ministry at our church attended Resolved. I didn’t go, but the next time the college pastor taught, he taught directly from the notes he had taken at Mahaney’s closing session (you can watch the whole thing here! – in fact, all the Resolved conferences are archived here).

An awareness of the love of God cannot be maintained without prayer, and it’s impossible to cultivate a relationship with God without prayer.

~ CJ Mahaney, Called to Contend

I pulled the above quote from my notes, which is really saying something about how the teaching affected me – I’m terrible at keeping my notes organized, but I knew exactly where to find these!

Summer 2011 another group from our college/career ministry attended Resolved, and this time my dad and I were a part of it (he drove our 15-passenger van full of eager young people). It was a great time of growth, especially since my dad was there beside me.

Resolved held its final conference in 2012 (I didn’t attend), and now Sovereign Grace Gilbert has filled the void with a three-day conference called Relate targeted at the same audience – young adults (age 18+). This year, CJ Mahaney is coming to speak.

I anticipate this January being another pivotal moment in my life. Not because of Mahaney, but because I know the same great God he does.


One comment on “Relate 2014

  1. Dorothy
    December 17, 2013

    So happy for you to be able to hear Mahaney live. It sounds like a great conference. — cousin Dorothy

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