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Excellence Series, part 5 of 7 (click here for the introduction and links to each post)


When you think of the woman outlined and praised in Proverbs 31, what do you see?

A godly example?
A wonder woman?
An unreachable ideal?

When you think of her, what do you feel?


Would you be surprised if I told you that you should see a wonder woman (eshet chayil) and feel empowered?

That is how Jewish women see her, specifically Ahava, who is Orthodox, and Aria, who is Messianic. My friend Jennifer wrote about them both in a blog post entitled Why I am (and am NOT) the Proverbs 31 wife.

Jennifer points out that in Jewish culture, husbands use this poem to encourage their wives, and women use it to encourage other women too.

So what about you? Do you watch for opportunities to praise women you know? To call them eshet chayil or precious friend or excellent wife?

Here are a few easy ways:
Post this video to a friend’s Facebook and tell her why it made you think of her.
Write Proverbs 31:29 on a post-it note and stick it to her Bible.
Send her an ecard or even a real snail-mail card “just because”.

What are you waiting for? Go find a woman to encourage, then come back here and tell me what you did (I’m always looking for new ideas)!


2 comments on “eshet chayil

  1. maestracn
    October 30, 2013

    I appreciated Jennifers thoughts on Proverbs 31. As a younger woman, I had always copped out by thinking that if I had all that money and help (i.e. Servants), I too, could be that woman…or at least have some hope. But I realized that wasnt the right way to think. I believe God has a purpose for us all after we are saved, and we are to do our best to fulfill that purpose. P31 gives us some wonderful examples that will play out a little differently in each of our lives. God created us as individuals, and we will shine for him as distinct individuals…always bringing him the glory in our lives with His help and guidance.

    Love you,


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