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The Work Was Love

{a little poem inspired by this prompt and not autobiographical, by the way}

The Work Was Love

The work was love
Invisibly increasing until I sensed you
Knitted together
Mysterious stitch under my ribs

The work was labor
Painful pressure until I felt you
Brought forth
Kid with haloed head

The work was life-long
Watchfully woven until I saw you
Slip away
Maverick with your own design

The work was lonely
Twisted tightly until I watched you
Join souls
Singles no longer

The work was lineal
Passed-down pattern until I heard you
Imparting instruction
Gentle guardian

The work was love
Passionate, painful, perplexing, private, public
Creating a masterpiece
Profound, precious, proud, pure, perfect

{I’m curious…how many connections to knitting and spinning do you see? There’s quite a few, some subtle, some obvious}


5 comments on “The Work Was Love

  1. Mema
    September 29, 2013

    Wow! Profound, and not about knitting, as I interpret it. Why don’t you enter that somewhere?

    • Jordan
      September 29, 2013

      I did enter it in the Twist Collective giveaway (the prompt I linked to at the top) – it’ll be entered into a random drawing.

      It’s not “about” knitting, but it uses many words familiar to knitters and spinners to create a sort of metaphor…

  2. maestracn
    September 30, 2013

    Beautiful poetry…very moving…how do you do it?!?

    Love you,


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