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JFA outreach at the county fair

Moriah was spying on me as I had a conversation - this is a little mirror that allowed her to see the other side of the booth!

Moriah was spying on me as I had a conversation – this is a little mirror that allowed her to see the other side of the booth!

I’ve been out at the county fair 5 times this week having conversations with people about the difficult topic of abortion. I’d be insane to do so, except that I’ve been through JFA’s ambassadorship training (multiple times, actually). I’d like to share a few stories (GodStories) from my many conversations.


I spoke with one woman for some time (I’ll call her Sue) who didn’t like the labels of “pro-choice” or “pro-life” very much. I agreed with her – people have such different definitions of the terms! As we talked, it became clear to me that Sue was pro-choice in the sense that she thought that people should be well educated about abortion, adoption, and making babies in general. In fact, toward the end of the conversation she said, “You know where you should bring this display? Into schools and onto university campuses!” I was pleased to explain that JFA typically does bring large displays to colleges. I also told Sue that the usual college campus exhibit has graphic abortion images, and I asked her what she thought of that idea. She said that she thought it was a good idea to use them, and that they are a necessity to being fully educated on the topic.


One young lady I spoke with (I’ll call her Lisa) was very much on the right track. Lisa declared that she was pro-life, so I asked her if she thought there was ever a situation where abortion would be ok. She said no, never. I pressed her, “what about in the case of rape?” Lisa replied that while becoming pregnant through rape is a very difficult situation, abortion would still be wrong because it is killing a human life. I told Lisa “great job!” This is just the type of response JFA teaches us – compassion first (don’t forget, abortion isn’t the only evil – so is rape) then bring it back on topic (what it this thing that we are talking about killing?).


I said hello to a small family as they walked by, and noticed the oldest child – a teenage boy (I’ll call him Sam). A minute later, Sam came back to the booth. His family had stopped down the way, and he had taken the opportunity to come back and talk. He had questions about the death penalty.

Sam pointed out that it seems like if you call yourself “pro-life,” you should be against capital punishment. Here’s where it would’ve been easy to get off-topic and explain my own views. Instead, I remembered my JFA training and asked him what he believed – are both wrong? Or perhaps neither? Sam clarified that being only 14 years old, he was still thinking things through. Still, he was pretty certain that capital punishment was wrong, and he wasn’t so sure about abortion.

I asked him why he thought the former was probably wrong. He explained that it’s too possible to condemn someone incorrectly, that is, to kill an innocent person. I agreed that it would be terrible to put someone to death who is innocent of wrongdoing, then gently brought his attention back to the unborn. I asked him if he thought that abortion was always killing an innocent human being. The lightbulb went on, and he agreed with me that yes, if it is human (and we had used this tool to establish that it is), then killing this little human is as bad as killing a grown innocent human.


5 comments on “JFA outreach at the county fair

  1. Mema
    April 24, 2013

    You are changing lives! Hooray for the 14 yr old who left his family at a FAIR where all is fun, to talk with YOU! God has given you an amazing gift. I’m so proud that you are using it so effectively:) I love you!

    • Jordan
      April 24, 2013

      My thoughts are the same regarding “Sam”. I was honored that he took that time to talk with me!

  2. Jen Hanson
    April 26, 2013

    Good work Jordan. I really like that JFA encourages focus on the compassion side of this issue too, not simply “right vs wrong” with no regard to the feelings and hurts of those in the conversation. Thanks for sharing your stories here and for sharing your compassionate heart for the unborn and for those affected by abortion – whether though experience or thought.

    • Jordan
      April 26, 2013

      Thank you. I agree that JFA’s focus on compassion is so necessary. Compassion is something that doesn’t come naturally to me (I like facts!), and JFA’s training has helped to solidify it in my heart and mind.

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