Heavenly Princess

encouraging femininity

15 gifts (plus 3 bonus gifts)

Lots of gifts to catch up on!

3 gifts inherited (click the picture to see all three on Moriah’s blog)

3 gifts square
glass jar of shredded coconut
box of fetal models, AKA cute pre-born babies

a gift stacked, stashed, stilled
stacks of fliers with phone numbers to call for hope and healing
skills for ambassadorship stashed in my heart and mind
a quiet drive home, to contemplate the conversations I had (stories to come!)

3 gifts found in Christ
I am an ambassador, a representative for the King of kings (mind-blowing)
I was dead, but now I’m alive
clarity of mind, even in the midst of the allergy fog

3 gifts close
I have 6 gifts close!

A Holy Experience


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