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April JOY!

I may be late to the party, but I just discovered the Monthly Joy Dares on A Holy Experience (blog of Ann Voskamp who wrote 1000 gifts). The April Joy Dare is found at the bottom of today’s post.

So instead of April Fools, today our family focused on finding April Joy. The young ones especially enjoyed the treasure hunt. We each chose 3 things, so today I have 21 round gifts to thank God for!

(pardon the awful formatting – I can’t seem to fix it!)


baby peaches

The promise of a juicy peach

Nail scars in hands and feet
dessert marigold


healthy donuts

Healthy donuts (click the picture for recipe)

Roast and onions in the crock pot
Food Processor



Vibrant poppies

Soup bowls

concentric crackers

Concentric crackers

~Moriah posted here on her blog about her gifts. The picture below is a hint!~
hummingbird babies



Healthy cupcakes (click picture for recipe)



Strawberries growing outside

Air soft balls

backyard chicken eggs

Backyard chicken eggs


A Holy Experience


2 comments on “April JOY!

  1. Rozann
    April 2, 2013

    Wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing. It’s always better to count blessings than to play jokes.

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