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I love {time} travel…

Last Sunday, my family traveled back in time to the 19th century.

It was the final day of the 10th annual American Heritage Festival, which we have attended for years. Here’s a glimpse into our experience.

We begin with a parade.

With more young men than ever filling out our armies, we had representatives from both sides of the American Revolution and the American Civil War.

Rebels, yes, and passionate rebels at that.

About half of the men portraying our confederate soldiers are from my hometown, so I believe I would not be remiss in referring to them as “our boys”. 🙂

Civilians from the 1860s on through the 1940s rounded out the parade.

The display that one family put together about WWII was fantastic! I didn’t get any pictures, though. You’ll just have to come next year to see it!

After speeches and songs and a general show of patriotism, we all march back to camp.

The battle reenactments may be our main draw, but there is plenty to keep everyone busy between skirmishes! Usually I have no trouble finding things to do all weekend.

Both of my little brothers enjoyed the old fashioned school supplies alongside the spectators.

The prairie school also offers dip pens, slates and slate pencils, toys and games, and much more to help history come alive for the youngsters.

Copies of important documents from our nation’s history (like the Bill of Rights in this picture) were available at the school as well.

The first group of soldiers prepares for a skirmish.

Previously, we have mainly had to rely on reenactors from outside of We Make History (WMH) to provide Revolutionary War soldiers, but that’s changing. These redcoats are all WMH members!

So begins the show, and quite a show it is with the acrobatics of dying – click the picture to see better.

(Later came the Civil war skirmishes.)

The young men are especially agile.

The scenario: our boys in camp, whiling the time away sharing hard tack and peanuts, singing “Goober Peas” to the music of a mandolin.

The Union soldiers snuck up on them, and so that battle begun.

Was I concerned for the men being shot at? No. It was the mandolin I was worried about!

At the end of the day, we must sadly return to our own century, but without forgetting what we have learned in our {time} travels…

…and knowing that another trip is only so far away as a beautiful old book.


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