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A tale of three cucumbers

This is the tale of three armenian cucumbers. Really, they are not cucumbers at all, but a variety of melon. Still, they taste like sweet cucumber, so the name sticks.

The first cucumber is a long, thin dandy. He’s perfect in every way: long, so we get a lot to chew on; thin, so we don’t have to chew hard seeds; dandy ’cause he came from our very own garden.

The second cucumber is curly. Why? Well, why grow straight when you can grow curly? She’s not alone among her relatives. Armenian cucumbers often grow in strange shapes like her. Sometimes, they bump up against something and must grow around it. Other times, they simply don’t want to be boring.

Occasionally, an unfortunate cucumber bumps up against something, and can’t grow around it. Our third cucumber got stuck between the bricks of a raised bed and a pot. When I discovered him, he was so tightly squeezed that I had to get someone to help get him out! (See the poor, scratched, short, stout cukey)

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. All three cucumbers fulfilled their duty and fed us well!

I got the seeds for our armenian cucumber plants from West Wind Seeds. I highly recommend them – 100% of the seeds I planted germinated!


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