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My Twinn doll garden photoshoot

"Katherine" My Twinn doll dress and apron

Photography is not my strong point. Fortunately, I have a sister who is very good at it. Moriah took some beautiful pictures yesterday of my “Katherine” dress and apron for My Twinn dolls.

"Katherine" My Twinn doll dress and apron hem detail

The Katherine dress and apron were designed and named for the woman who gave me my doll and got me interested in making doll clothes again.

I made the dress and apron some time ago, and we had taken some pictures then too, but they weren’t nearly as nice as these!

"Katherine" dress for My Twinn

The dress is simple in design, but the detailing really gives it a unique touch. The neckline, straight sleeves and hem are finished with narrow binding, and the same binding accents the waist as well. The skirt is a full circle which gives it fullness without bulk. The bodice closes in the back with hand-sewn snaps.

"Katherine" dress and apron for My Twinn doll full length

I had a lot of fun posing the doll for these shots. It’s wonderful to have a beautiful garden right outside our backdoor. The herbs that I picked as props added a nice relaxing aroma to the air as we worked.

The pinafore apron ties in the back with self-fabric ties and has a fully-lined bodice. The gathered skirt is accented with buttons that hold the hem in scallops.

"Katherine" apron for My Twinn doll

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