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A modern summer dress made from a 1912 pattern

Summer dress front

Summer dress back

When I first cut out this dress using the 1912 slip pattern below I pinned it to my dressform and hated it. Fortunately, a few days later I found the grosgrain ribbon that became the sash and was inspired again!

Because I am thin and willowy, I don’t look good in things without waist definition, so the princess shape isn’t very flattering to me. I added the grosgrain sash into the front seams and now I have a dress I will actually wear!

1912 slip pattern

VPLL Checklist

Pattern Name: E0336_SLIP

Sewer’s Skill Level: Advance

Pattern Rating: 3 – Good/Average
I didn’t do any of the lace insertion, so mine is a bit boring. I do really like the seam shaping, though. I’m also not too keen on the back shaping which makes a placket difficult to insert. I actually didn’t end up doing a back placket, I simply straightened the seam and allowed the ties to shape the back. The dress has enough ease to slip over my head without an additional opening.

What skill level would someone need to sew this pattern and why?
Intermediate, I think, because of the shaped seams. For example, the front seams angle in at the neckline (which is a a design detail I absolutely love!). The placket is also shaped, making it abnormal to sew.

Were the instructions easy to follow? If not, what needs to be changed?
This pattern hardly had instructions, at least when I got it. Being an advanced historical seamstress, however, I am used to working with little to no instructions. I think it was very straight-forward to put together (except for that placket ;))

How was the fit/sizing? Did it correspond to what you thought?
I pin-fit the pattern pieces to my form and realized I would have to narrow the front panel. I expected this or a similar adjustment since I am so thin and the 1912 silhouette encouraged a large chest.

Did you make any pattern alterations? If so, what alterations did you make? Where they fit or design alterations?
Fit: I made the front panel narrower by taking about 2-3 inches away from the center front. the shoulder straps still nearly fall off my shoulders.
Design: I omitted the placket and lace insertion.


2 comments on “A modern summer dress made from a 1912 pattern

  1. 7cakes
    April 5, 2012

    How cute is that! I really like it =D

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