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You never know the influence

…of a life lived for Christ.

On memorial day, I enjoyed spending time with relatives from my dad’s side. We talked a lot about memories, and I noticed a recurring theme: The influence of a life lived for the glory of God.

My great aunt reminisced about her life as a pastor’s daughter, helping with chores to free her mom up to help at the church. She told me about my great grandpa’s (her father) passion for the truth as he searched for a church that believed in the diety of Christ.

I also heard a story about my other great grandpa who recently influenced a newly Christain couple to stay at his church. The young man said that when he is old, he wants to be just like my great grandpa.

The list of influence goes on…

My great uncle was a favorite teacher, and influenced many children.

He and his wife adopted two children.

One of those children’s adult daughter “plays princess” (she’s an actress) and helps hurting children.

This doesn’t even begin to cover my Christian heritage (I can trace it back to Elder Brewster, a Puritan on the Mayflower, or the French Huegenots). God has blessed me, but if you are a first-generation Christian, remember that a godly heritage can begin any time! Each of these individuals that I have told you about chose to live for God’s glory, and you can too, whether you have the support of family members or not!


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