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La historia de Noé (or, My Amazing Spanish Students)

Being unable to embed the video, you will have to follow this link:

These students have only taken Spanish classes once a week during the past school year. I use the TPR method, which is amazing, as you can see by how much they learned. I did not require the students with many lines to memorize all of them, but most did anyway (the overachievers! 😉 )

Please tell me if I am biased in saying that they did an amazing job!

(PS, I wrote the script with the help of my students and assistant teacher, Señor Rafael)


2 comments on “La historia de Noé (or, My Amazing Spanish Students)

  1. Gramma Newhouse
    May 17, 2011

    I posted a note on my FaceBook account. I’m so proud of you…what a great program. And you can see how much fun the students were having. They were all involved and loving it. Way to go, Jordan!!!

    Con amor,


  2. mema
    May 18, 2011

    Wish I could have been there! Seemed like a deligtful play, full of laughs. Even I got most of the message, altho’ papa needed some translation here and there. (So do I). I so very proud of you for directing. This could be just the beginning of an exciting career:)
    Love, MeMa

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