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New Mexico Chicken

This is an experiment in taking a real event and “fictionalizing” it. This is a true story, but details may be slightly simplified. So To see my posts about this trip including pictures go here: http://heavenlyprincessblog.wordpress.com/tag/travel/ .

When my friend asked me to take a trip to help a mom-to-be, I didn’t think it would involve blood. We were planning to use her fabric scraps to make a few quilts, and prepare meals to keep in the freezer until the baby came.

Sorting mountains of old dresses, shirts, and who-knows-what into hills of lights and darks was my favorite pastime while I stayed in the small house in the middle of nowhere. I mostly used the old treadle sewing machine to piece the quilt tops. My friend quilted the layers on the electric machine.

One morning, it was announced that we would leave the quilts and prepare some food. We dressed warmly, in old clothes and trudged outside. The only buildings as far as I could see were the house, the barn, and the chicken coop. The last-mentioned was our destination.

One of the 5-year-olds scampered into the coop and cornered a chicken. He brought his prize out to his mother, who hung the bird upside-down by it’s feet. Taking a knife from the other twin, she sawed at the neck until the head broke free. The decapitated chicken’s wings flapped madly, then fell, forever silent.

My friend untied the bird, and we went inside. She dunked it into boiling water and left me to strip it naked. The soft, warm feathers reminded me of a child’s wet hair, as I yanked them off. It was the first of seven chickens that I plucked that day. Six of them went into the freezer, the last into the oven.

After hours of hard work, I dragged myself into the living room for some much-deserved rest. On the couch I found a chicken foot, abandoned by one of the children. The day before I would have been repulsed, but today I just picked it up and put it with the others on the floor by the fireplace.

We ate chicken for dinner, and it was the juiciest, tenderest bird I ever tasted. I may be a city girl, but if it takes farm living to get meat that fresh, I say it’s worth it.


4 comments on “New Mexico Chicken

  1. riahjoy
    April 3, 2011

    Great story–very descriptive and GORY! Did they really not use the chicken feet for stock? Those are great for that! But it’s important to keep the little ones happy too 🙂

    • Jordan
      April 4, 2011

      Oh, they did use it for stock…just after the children had their fill of play!

  2. Gramma Newhouse
    April 4, 2011

    Very nice…

  3. Mikala
    April 4, 2011

    Aw, man! I AM a country girl, and I don’t think I could be that tough!! 😀 If we ever have chickens, I’m afraid my dad and brothers will have to be in charge of the slaughtering!

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