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Tucson Festival of Books (3rd annual)

Saturday morning: paintings done, back to real life.

Or not.

At breakfast, mom announced that the family was going to the Tucson Festival of Books on the UofA campus.

Ok, I can deal with that. I need to bring my AZ biennial entry into the Tucson Museum of Art nearby anyway. So after dressing 7 people, preparing lunch for said 7 people, and getting those same 7 people in the car, we were on our way.

Saturday noon: Caldecott award winning illustrators, inspiration to get back to the drawing board (literally)

Being 18 can have its perks. Like being able to attend class after class in underground rooms while the rest of the family is above watching acrobats and collecting free stuff.

Head still spinning from hearing published authors tell me to “Finish That Book!” for two hours, I emerged into the light to find my family.

Saturday evening: festival done, back to real life.

Or not.

At dinner, I point out that the Tucson Festival of Books is a two day event.

{hope to see you at the fourth TFoB next year!}


3 comments on “Tucson Festival of Books (3rd annual)

  1. mema
    March 19, 2011

    this was hilarious! I love your sense of humor. Now, FINISH THAT BOOK!

  2. Gramma Newhouse
    March 19, 2011

    Amen to that!

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