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Why I love Zibbet

You may have noticed the “vote for Zibbet” button in my sidebar. Here are the reasons I think you should! (*note* the voting is now over, so there is no longer a button in the sidebar for that, but you can click over to my shop using the other Zibbet button:))

Zibbet is a relatively new online marketplace for Handmade, Vintage, Fine Art and Supplies. It’s like Etsy, but in my opinion, much better. Here are some of my reasons (please note that I am not at all saying that Etsy does not have any of these qualities! It just doesn’t have all of them!):

First of all, Zibbet has way more votes than Etsy, which will give you a clue of what others think…here are my personal reasons.
The Community of sellers is like family. Zibbeters tend to be friendly, welcoming, open to networking, as opposed to selfish, only wanting to promote their own products.
The leadership listens! When us sellers suggest something, they really listen and do their best to please. They are patient, though, too. They aren’t rushing to do tons of updates at once, they wait until they can do it right. They also post on the forums in the Zibbet Community so they can be sure they are working on things we want and need.
The Basic shop is free, completely! And a premium shop really doesn’t have things you can’t live without. A seller could easily have a successful business with only a Basic shop.
However, the Premium shop offers so much more! Everything that it does include is what I would consider “extra”, but the updates are really great. Coupons and gift card codes, customizable sidebars and colors in your shop, and more!
I could go on, but I think I have given you a taste of the superiority of Zibbet 😉

I wanted to add a note about ArtFire, another free online marketplace and currently Zibbet’s main competition. I just don’t like the feel…rather “hippie” and even almost pagan. I haven’t visited in a while because it really turned me off, but when I originally checked it out I really tried to give it my best shot. I really don’t want to elaborate, especially since I haven’t visited it recently, and for all I know, there could be changes, but just a word of caution… Also, there are a number of Zibbet sellers who also sell on Artfire, and almost all of them prefer Zibbet.

{edited to add}
I just visited ArtFire to glance around, and it still gives me a bad feeling. In the forums, they are claiming that Zibbet is cheating, using a bot (and calling it zibbot) to get more votes. They’re not being very nice. On the Zibbet forum, we’re rallying to get votes but I have not read one negative thing about ArtFire except that About.com caught them cheating, and even that mention was just an explanation for a drop in their vote numbers.

Let’s encourage Zibbet to keep being the nice, clean venue that it is!

So what are you waiting for? Please go vote! (did you know you can vote more than once a day?)


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This entry was posted on March 1, 2011 by in Blog Updates.

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