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Frugal hair accessories

First of all, the most frugal hair accessory is a nice style. If you have long hair, Rapunzel’s Resource is a great place for ideas!

Not as bold a large scarf, but a little more that just a ribbon, a vintage handkerchief makes a very unique hair accessory.

Another very easy way to dress up an otherwise boring ponytail or braid is to add a ribbon.

Here my sister Bethany models a simple satin ribbon bow. I have wrapped the ribbon around a couple times before tying it so that it stays in better and hides the hair band.

An organza ribbon is just as easy to tie on, but it adds a formal air.

Pair two ribbons of different widths for a unique look. Treat them as one when tying.

A simple ribbon is a great way to add color to any outift!

Narrow ribbons are subtle, but add a bit of extra femininity and elegance.

To vary the look, just tie the ribbon with different sized loops and tails.

You can even tie the ribbon with multiple loops. Tie as usual, then carefully loop the ends again and pull gently to make another bow. Repeat as many times as you like!

Ribbons also make great headbands! Elizabeth has an ingenious way to tie them so they don’t come out.

A long narrow ribbon can be wrapped around multiple times to create an interesting look. (I stole this from Elizabeth too!)

Pin-on brooches are another way to add a little something extra. Just slip the pin part over the hair tie that’s fastening the braid or ponytail.

Fresh flowers from your garden make beautiful hair accessories. This is a columbine, but wild flowers are pretty too.


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