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More from New Mexico

Jennifer sent me some more pictures. I miss everyone there so much!

These are the children–two 5-year-olds and two 2-year-olds! (the 5yos are twins and one of the 2yos is their brother, the other is Jennifer’s niece.)

Most of the animals were really nice. This cow was gentle and would let the boys climb on her. They could feel when she was going to move, and could easily jump off in time.

See! Even I sat on her! (Don’t you wish you were there, grandma?)

Here I’m holding Ducky. He hardly ever quacks because he didn’t grow up with other ducks. He just kind of mutters under his breath 🙂

It got really windy out there one day! (I love this picture!)

Here’s the king size quilt–we got it close to finished.

Saying goodbye. The boy on the right got attached to me for some reason. He reminded me of Daniel.

Up on the chicken coop. The boys were telling us how they climb up there, implying they do it all the time. When there mother came out, though, she was rather shocked to see them there.


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